Safety Consultant

Feb 25, 2020

Purpose The purpose of the Safety Consultant is to assist our clients in mitigating and lowering their risk exposure to workers’ compensation claims. This role will be directly responsible for developing, implementing, and executing safety programs with our clients to prevent work-site related injuries and workers’ compensation claims. What You’ll Achieve

• Safety Training. Facilitates and delivers on-site client trainings across all industries and various locations across Hawaii. Conducts specific certifications and site inspections per client requests. Promotes occupational health and safety awareness to all levels of various organizations.

• Client Service. Builds relationships with client contacts and employees to establish and maintain a workplace safety culture. Responds in a timely manner and schedules all training requests. Manages weekly performance reports and dashboards.Keeps records of safety related incidents.

• Evaluations and Assessments. Conducts post accident investigations, and injury prevention/accident reduction evaluations. Assists clients with responding to state and federal agency complaints/investigations including HIOSH, OSHA, and Department of Labor.

• Program Development. Takes a preventative and creative approach to make recommendations for improvements to ProService Hawaii’s safety program and offerings and best practices. Analyzes data to proactively identify areas of improvement and works as a partner to develop health and safety plans in the workplace.

• Safety Liaison. Serves as a subject matter expert for client requests including state and federal agency rules and regulations, citations, and post accident follow ups. Advises clients on provisions to minimize safety risks. Appropriately intervenes when unsafe activities or operations occur.

 What You’ll Bring

• Team Player. Willingness to collaborate and contribute to our norm of “winning as a team”

• Track Record. Demonstrate successful history of achieving results

• Resourcefulness & Initiative. Take charge of your own growth and development • Results Oriented. Ability to manage multiple priorities and drive toward desired outcomes versus task completion

• Tenacity. Exude resilience, passion to achieve results, and the need to win. • Integrity. Build trust internally and externally by operating with a strong code of ethics

• Persuasion. Exhibits persuasiveness during change; able to sell a “vision”. Charisma is desirable, though soft sell and quiet credibility are acceptable alternatives.

• First Impression. Professional in demeanor. Creates favorable first impressions through appropriate body language, eye contact, posture, voice qualities, and attire

The POC is Evan Leong.