Construction Safety Trenching & Excavation

Feb 23, 2020

Construction Safety Trenching & Excavation 2020 Training Schedule

Construction Safety Trenching Excavation

There is NO COST to attend


Oahu – April 13    Oahu – May 13    Guam – May 27    Guam – May 28

Oahu – June 30    Hilo – July 9    Kona – July 10    Maui – July 23    Maui – July 23

Kauai – August 4    Oahu – August 14 


Excavation:  –  Hazards & Risks  –  Prevention & Abatement  –  Competent Person’s Role

Relevant OSHA Standards & NEP  –  Soil Tests & Analysis  –  Protective System Requirements

Site Evaluation/Inspection


The Building Industry Association of Hawaii has been awarded a federal Department of Labor grant to provide education and training to address occupational safety and health hazards encountered in trenching and excavation.

Employees and employers who work in jobsites with trenches and excavations are invited to attend! As a result of OSHA’s National Emphasis Program (NEP) on Trenching & Excavation, increased enforcement presence is expected at work sites throughout the nation to reduce and eliminate hazards associated with trenching and excavation. Of particular significance to local companies, state Inspectors will initiate inspections whenever they observe an open trench or an open excavation, regardless of whether violations are readily observed. Guam and Hawaii have begun.

Building Industry Association of Hawaii

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