Nominations Are Open for 2018-2019 Hawaii Chapter Officers

Feb 06, 2018

Aloha ASSE Hawaii Chapter Members,

As the Past President of the Hawaii Chapter, one of my duties is to chair the nominations and elections committee for the coming year election. Per our bylaws, our President Mary Sullivan has selected Mahea Villanueva as her appointee, and I have selected Robert McCarthy as the third member of our committee. Now that the committee is established, our next step is to inform all of you – the members that nominations are open for the following elected positions:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Member at Large and
  • 2 Delegates to the House of Delegates positions

If you know of someone who you believe would make a good officer, and they wish to be nominated, please send one of us a nomination notice. You may also self-nominate. Following nominations, qualified candidates will be asked to prepare a platform statement that will be sent to members and posted on our website. Information on qualifications and respective duties of the 7 elected positions are provided below. We will be publishing a preliminary slate of qualified nominees for the 2018/2019 fiscal year on March 15th.

Please Note – There are other non-elected and non-voting positions on our Executive Committee which are open to volunteers, so if you are interested or you know of someone who is interested in other opportunities to be involved in the leadership of our chapter, please let us know as well.

Terri Watkins, Chairperson
Mahea Villanueva
Robert McCarthy
Nominations and Elections Committee
ASSE Hawaii Chapter


Qualifications: Each elected Chapter officer shall have been a Society member in good standing for at least one year prior to taking office; exceptions must be approved by the Regional Vice President. However, only a Professional Member or Member may hold the offices of President, President‐Elect, or Delegate to the House of Delegates.


The President shall:
a) Preside at regular and special meetings of the Chapter Executive Committee and the membership.
b) Represent the Chapter at meetings of other organizations where official representation of the Chapter is desirable.
c) Be a representative for the Chapter at the Area Operating Committee or Regional Operating Committee meetings.
d) Provide leadership for programs and activities for the Chapter during the term of office.
e) Appoint such committees as are necessary to implement the objectives of the Chapter.
f) Submit Annual Report of Chapter activities to the Regional Vice President and Society Headquarters by August 15th.
g) Submit the names of Chapter officers and delegate(s) elected for the ensuing year annually by June 1st to the Regional Vice President and Society Headquarters.
h) Ensure the proper implementation with approved governance practices.

The Vice President shall:
a) Succeed to the office of the President and carry out its duties if the President is unable to serve.
b) Succeed to the office of the President automatically at the end of the operating year as defined in Article VI, Section 4.
c) Assume responsibilities for the work of Committees as assigned by the President, including the development and revisions of the standard operating guidelines and governance practices.

The Secretary shall:
a) Maintain Chapter records and correspondence.
b) Record and distribute minutes of Chapter meetings and Chapter Executive Committee meetings.
c) Notify Chapter members about meetings.
d) Retain Custody of the Chapter Charter.
e) Assume the duties of the Treasurer as necessary.

The Treasurer shall:
a) Maintain all financial records of the Chapter.
b) Supervise the receipt and disbursement of funds as directed by the Chapter Executive Committee.
c) Maintain Chapter funds in a depository approved by the Chapter Executive Committee.
d) Submit a completed Chapter Dues Report by March 1st and to Society Headquarters.
e) Complete the Chapter’s audited income & expense statement and any IRS tax documents for the fiscal year ending March 31st. Transmit fiscal report and any tax documents on or before May 31 to Society Headquarters.
f) Assume the duties of the Secretary as necessary.

The Delegate(s) to the Society House of Delegates shall:
a) Operate in accordance with House of Delegates Operating Procedures and Society Bylaws.
b) Keep the Chapter informed of House of Delegates actions and proposed actions.
c) Act on House of Delegates mail ballots on behalf of the Chapter.

The Member at Large shall:
a) Provide advice and counsel to the President.
b) Serve as a voting member of the Executive Committee.
c) Working with the President, help ensure compliance with policies and procedures and all relevant legal and ethical standards, including policies and standards governing society relationships.
d) Act as a representative or spokesperson for the organization at the President’s request.
e) Act as a mentor and coach to senior volunteers and emerging leaders to help them strengthen their leadership skills and develop professional networks of value to the organization.