Chapter History

The ASSP Hawaii Chapter was founded in June of 1951 and has grown into a group of 220 safety professionals and safety practitioners who reside in Hawaii, and are dedicated to making Hawaii a safer place to work, live and play. 

Past Presidents

1950-1951 Harry W. Jarman
1951-1952 Harry W. Jarman
1951-1952 Ed Turner
1952-1953 Ed Turner
1953-1954 Thomas H. Wilkenson
1954-1955 Robert B. Ebert, US Air Force
1955-1956 Robert M. Bailey, US Government CY
1956-1957 Robert P Alden, Castle & Cook, Dole
1957-1958 John B. Huck
1958-1959 John H. Clement, US Navy
1959-1960 T.D. Wilson
1960-1961 Richard M Yawata, Oahu Trucking, Safety
1961-1962 John Sullivan, HOPACO, Safety
1962-1963 Henry H. Hughes, Hawaiian Tel, Safety
1963-1964 Ron Baxter
1964-1965 Jim O. Rapp, Hawaiian Dredging, Safety Director
1965-1966 Lawrence Gromachey, Federal OSHA
1966-1967 Paul F. Haygood, ? Insurance/OSHA Area Director (Later)
1967-1968 Phillip E. Ritch, First Insurance
1968-1969 Ezra Kanoho, Hawaiian Tel, Safety Director
1969-1970 Jim Beavers, Hawaiian Electric
1970-1971 Edward Danzinger, Fireman’s Fund
1971-1972 Eugene W. Plischke, AMFAC, Safety Director
1972-1973 Charles N. Regan, OSHA
1973-1974 Tom Nibley, Industrial Indemnity Insurance
1974-1975 Howard Culbreth, Young Bros Marine
1975-1976 James Belew, US Air Force
1976-1977 Frank Merritt, Pacific Insurance
1977-1978 Dennis S.W., Chew Industrial Indemnity Insurance
1978-1979 John C, Ramos, Fireman’s Fund Insurance
1979-1980 Kenneth P. Wicks US Air Force
1980-1981 Robert Y. Nakamatsu, State of Hawaii DAGS
1981-1982 William E. Coleman, Sr., Hawaiian Tel, Safety Director
1982-1983 George Mauliola, Gaspro
1983-1984 John H. Hirota, Castle & Cooke, Waialu Sugar Co.
1984-1985 Randall W. Lovell, Industrial Indemnity Insurance
1985-1986 Felix Olmos, Argonaut Insurance
1986-1987 Philip E. Rich, First Insurance
1987-1988 Robert Brown, Argonaut Insurance
1988-1989 William Sode, Hawaiian Tel
1989-1990 Richard Diener, First Insurance
1990-1991 Don King, Marsh McLennan
1991-1992 Don King, Marsh McLennan
1992-1993 Ed Danzinger, Fireman’s Fund Insurance
1993-1994 Sam Dannaway, SS Dannaway Associates
1994-1995 Sam Dannaway, SS Dannaway Associates
1995-1996 John P Souza, First Insurance
1996-1997 Mary Silva, Fireman’s Fund
1997-1998 Mary Silva, Fireman’s Fund
1998-1999 Mary Silva, Castle & Cooke
1999-2000 Fred Nakamura, First Insurance
2000-2001 Allan Yokoyama, Argonaut Insurance
2001-2002 Allan Yokoyama, Argonaut Insurance
2002-2003 Allan Yokoyama, Covanta -19 Honolulu Resource Recovery Venture
2003-2004 Jim Newberry, Island Insurance Company
2004-2005 Mary Silva, Castle & Cooke
2005-2006 Joanna Clark, Airgas/Gaspro
2006-2007 Joanna Clark, Airgas/Gaspro

Bylaws changed, Presidents now serve a 2 year term, preceded by a 2 year President Elect term and previous key officer experience, finishing with a two year Past President term and defaults to Nominations & Elections Committee Chair (and 8 year commitment).

2007-2010 Neil Yamamoto, Kamehameha Schools
2010-2012 Craig Shoji, DCK Pacific Construction, LLC

Bylaw changes – reverted to Presidents serving a one year term, with the recommendation that they serve two terms and have previous key officer experience.

2012-2013 Howard Hendricks
2013-2014 Bill Troegner, then Jim Newberry, Island Insurance Company (Charles V. Culbertson Award 2014)
2014-Early 2016 Joaquin Diaz, Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company,Inc.
Early 2016-2017 Terri Watkins, Marine Corps Base Hawaii Safety Directorate
2017-2018 Mary Sullivan, Penhall Concrete Coring Company Hawaii

Name change from ASSE to ASSP: American Society of Safety Professionals

2018-2019 Tristan Aldeguer, Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company, Inc.

2019-2020 Joey Shibata Garza, Nordic PCL

2020-2021 Rob McCarthy, Marine Corps Base Hawaii Safety Directorate

2021-2022 Jeremy Nixon, Hensel Phelps

2022-2023 Jon Archambeau, Grace Pacific LLC.

Professional Members Emeritus

James R. Belew
David M. Cayetano
Clinton R Christensen
Howard C. Culbreth
Robert B. Ebert
Julius Morris
Phillip Rich
Louis Robinson
Dave Soderlund

Member Emeritus

James N. Roland, Jr.
Charles S. Gerrior

Here’s a list of the “top 10” longest term members

Harvey C. King – joined in 2/1/52
Clayton E. Winger – joined in 8/1/71
John C. Ramos – joined in 5/1/73
Dennis S. W. Chew – joined in 8/1/73
Charles S. Gerrior – joined in 8/1/73
Bernard F. Tom – joined in 11/1/74
Alton T. Wong – joined in 9/1/80
David D. Hallstein – joined in 7/1/81
Robert B. Bieniasz – joined in 10/1/81
Jonathan F. Nelson – joined in 10/1/81